Previo Alto Voice Plus

Previo Alto Voice Plus

Arco Iris Musical

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Arco Iris Musical

TheVOICE Plus from Alto is a single channel voice processor that combines a convenient operational interface with excellent sonic performance. The unit comprises 5 distinct sections that include microphone/line input, an expander/gate and compressor section, voice optimized EQ, a de-esser and a master output section.

The individual elements of the VOICE Plus, when properly set up, can deliver a natural and musical sound while eliminating interference signals. Overall signal dynamics can be smoothed out, while compensating for deficiencies in the sound image and removing unwanted frequencies. A switchable phantom power supply allows for the use of a variety of microphone types, including condensers.

Comprehensive channel strip for vocal and instrument applications

Input section with gain control, switchable +48V phantom power, phase and a frequency variable 18dB/octave low-cut filter

Balanced microphone and line inputs, with three outputs that can assign the signal to multiple destinations

Compressor section has variable threshold, ratio, attack and release controls

Expander/gate section enhances full dynamic control and provides smooth noise reduction

3-band voice-optimized EQ

De-esser section with frequency, boost and cut controls and activity LED

Generous selection of LED indicators for each section provide accurate feedback of signal activity and condition

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